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By-Laws of EEO Worldwide and Switzerland
English version (Statuten)

Art. 1
The Equal Employment Opportunities Organization named EEO Worldwide and Switzerland exists since April 24, 1998. This organization has its head office in Switzerland, Bern (postal code - 3257).

Art. 2
The purpose of EEO Worldwide and Switzerland is:

  • To cultivate a non-discriminatory relationship among job applicants, workers, and employers
  • To provide information for employers and job applicants
  • To assist companies in becoming EEO employers
  • To develop training programs
  • To represent job applicants against employers’ employment barriers
  • To promote EEO nationally and internationally
  • To encourage governments about EEO issues and policies

Art. 3

Anyone who is interested can become a member. The executive committee decides who will be admitted as a voting member. There are also passive members and active members.

Art. 4

Free membership for Passive members - non-voting members. Though they can also advance the interest of the organization in several ways, they are considered as active observers without any commitment to the direction of this organization.

Art. 5

Active members are paid members. They are interested in advancing the EEO organization’s aims. Active members can become voting members.

Art. 6

Cancellation of active membership requires written notice. And it has to be addressed to the executive committee within that calendar year. Members whose payments are overdue for at least two years are considered to have resigned.

Art. 7

Upon a request from the executive committee, the general assembly will exclude members. The excluded will be given a fair opportunity to express their opinion.

Art. 8

The annual membership fees will be decided by the general assembly (the collection of active members). It is currently set at Sfr. 100. Members are not liable for the organization’s obligations.

Art. 9

The organs of EEO Worldwide and Switzerland are:

1. the general assembly
2. the executive committee
3. the auditors

Art. 10

The organization hosts an annual meeting of members; members will be informed about one month in advance.
All elections are open and are decided by 2/3 of the majority. If necessary, the executive committee or 25% of members can requested a meeting. And voting can also be done on the Internet.

Art. 11

Executive organ is the executive committee. This committee consists of not more four members. The executive committee appoints itself. All additional members of the executive committee are elected by the general assembly for a period of 3 years.

Executive committee's meetings are held on request. The president invites participant in advance. All votes are decided on simple majority. In case of a tied, the vote of the president is final. EEO Members of the UN, European Community and government are invited to executive meeting.

Art. 12

The EEO Worldwide and Switzerland organization’s annual financial statement has to be prepared prior to the annual meeting. And it has to be verified by a qualified accountant who was elected to the executive committee for a three-year period. The organization annual membership corresponds to a calendar year.

Art. 13
Change to statutes

Changes to the statute are presented to the general assembly. With a 2/3 vote of all members, changes are accepted.

Art. 14
Dissolution of the organization

If a majority of 2/3 of all members who were presented in person voted in favor to dissolve the organization, it is dissolved. Should the organization be dissolved, its capital must be used with respect to its initial purpose.

Art. 15
Final provision

These by-laws became effective on the 24 of April, 1998 in Switzerland. These regulations were revised and accepted by the general assembly on 13 February 2004 in Switzerland.

Bern, February 23, 2004

For the executive committee of EEO Worldwide and Switzerland:

The President
Dr. Amo Sulaiman

The Secretary
Dr. Martin Keller

Our Policies follow:

Concerning employment advertisements, we are not legally and morally responsible for the accuracy of such information. In case of misinformation, please inform us and we will remove inappropriate or misleading job offers. It is prohibited to advertise sex-related issues on this site. We hope that employers and others will use this site in good faith.

Because we usually have thousands of email messages each year from around the world, it is impossible to answer all of them in detail. We observe that most of these messages should be shared with others by placing them in the comment box. Please be prudent, by avoiding to make any references to any company or institution in particular and your own self-identity. If certain messages are interpreted to be explicit about certain people or company, EEO-Worldwide and Switzerland do not hold any responsibilities - for the content of any message or comment. However, employees and job candidates are free to express their opinions and feelings about their working situations.

In certain cases, we have contacted companies on behalf of employees' complains, hoping that those companies might be more sensitive about EEO. If you feel that you should contact us directly by email, please send it to us. And we will get back to you if you require more information about taking legal matter against a company. Unfortunately, we do not supply lawyers. But your letter will be kept in our archive concerning the working ethics of any companies, organizations, and institutions, including government offices.

With respect to MOBBING AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT, in most countries they are considered to be illegal, against some civil laws of that country. EEO deplores such hideous working environment, especially the suffering of the victim. If you strongly feel that you have been mobbed or sexually harassed, please talk to a legal representative for more information.

EEO Worldwide and Switzerland serve the public interest. And it is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. And in certain cases, we have to adopt to changes with respect to modification without notice.